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Hundreds of years after the events of the anime/manga, have become legends and myth of old, it is time for anew story to be told, a new age.
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 Pre existing Kekkei Genkais/ Clans fighting styles

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Ryuzaki Nagare

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PostSubject: Pre existing Kekkei Genkais/ Clans fighting styles   Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:50 pm

Uchiha Clan: I say extinct well becuase copying Jutus would make things hard for others.

Nara Clan: Not available, becuase I don;t know how you could use Shadow Possesion Jutsu fairly.

Akimichi Clan: Available

Aburame Clan: Available ill

Hyuga Clan: Available

Inuzuka Clan: Available

Yamanaka Can:Available

Also can use any other approved clans.
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Pre existing Kekkei Genkais/ Clans fighting styles
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