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 Jutsu in the making(Japanese names are used for pre-existing jutsu)

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Tatsuyo Uotayureta
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PostSubject: Jutsu in the making(Japanese names are used for pre-existing jutsu)   Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:56 am

Being a Jonin, Tatsuyo can manipulate up to two elemental types of ninjutsu. Mastery of Water and Limited Control of Earth.

Suiton(Water style)

Name: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu(Water Clone)
Rank: C - rank
Requirements: Nada
Effect: A full body and solid clone made of water, which can attack enemies freely. They can be made en-masse to swarm enemies. The clones are virtually flawless in appearance, so only eyes that can detect chakra will be able to discern the real one from the clones.
Duration/Cooldown: Virtually no cool down, as each clone's physical power is equivalent to 1/10 of Tatsuyo's and none of them can use and Jutsu whatsoever. Their only usable weapons will be Tatsuyo's ninja tools (exception of letter bombs, ninjutsu scrolls, and soldier's pills) and his signature sword.

Each clone will revert immediately back into water upon receiving a set amount of damage(fatal wounds automatically cause them to disperse) 10 strikes from a KUNAI(regardless of where stricken, so long as non-fatal) or a single blow from a C - rank ninjutsu will send them packing.

Tatsuyo's clones (when used only up to 2) will remain indefinetely, the higher the number, the worse the control and thus the less time each clone will last.

Name: Suiryūdan no Jutsu(Water Dragon Missile/Water Dragon Bullet)
Rank: B - rank
Requirements: 42 hand seals, so far the most number required in existing jutsu. Tremendous amount of Chakra to initiate, and a massive body of water from which the jutsu will arrive from.
Effect: From a body of water, a massive Dragon made of water will arise and go forth from the user to smash everything in sight with a crushing bombard of water.
Duration/Cooldown: 3 turn charge, 1 turn usage, 5 turn cool down(Best used in team battles, so the hand seals will go undisturbed)

Name: Kirigakure no Jutsu(Hidden Mist XD)
Rank: D - rank
Requirements: None, as of yet.
Effect: An expanse of thick fogs surround the user, and considerably decreases visibility of everyone caught in the fog/mist/cloud thing/etc. Tatsuyo has trained his eyes to see through this mist, but if he applies more chakra ... then he can increase the density of it so that even he cannot see through it.
Duration/Cooldown: The jutsu can last as long as Tatsuyo likes, so long as he has enough chakra to sustain it. But if he is attacked, or breaks concentration for any reason ... the jutsu disperses. The amount of time(posts) spent for the jutsu divided by two(round up for non-integers) will be the cooldown.

Name: Suirō no Jutsu(Water Prison)
Rank: C- rank
Requirements: A large body of water for the jutsu to be performed upon, the user must keep one of his arms inside the prison to maintain it ... thus rendering the user immobile.
Effect: A
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Jutsu in the making(Japanese names are used for pre-existing jutsu)
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