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Hundreds of years after the events of the anime/manga, have become legends and myth of old, it is time for anew story to be told, a new age.
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 Introductory Story

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PostSubject: Introductory Story   Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:46 pm

This story takes place roughly 150 years after the time of Uzumaki Naruto and all other ninjas who existed with him. For the time being, what precisely happened to them all is unknown, but now they have all died(exception of Hidan ... probably). The Bijus and their hosts at that time were exterminated, and assumed to have been wiped out of existence. But, as the Tailed Beasts are really nothing more than a collective mass of Chakra, they will be reborn albeit in slightly different forms.

Wars have raged, but have finished running their course. The lands have been scarred, but have also healed. Great Ninjas have arisen after the time that all were familiar with, Kages after Kages have succeeded one another. Some great Clans have died out, some have changed, and still others arise. Even Rogue Ninjas remain scattered across the entire continent, in all lands.

The legend of Uzumaki Naruto and the fearsome Akatsuki led by Uchiha Madara is even questioned, for a time of peace has settled into the world. The peace sought by the Children of Prophecy(Naruto and Nagato[Pain]) and their Teacher(Jiraiya). The world doubts some aspects of conflict and wonder if the truely horrendous Akatsuki existed(at least until they find Hidan).

However. The story is here, and it is now. What the future may bring, only time may tell. For that which once was, is no longer. And that which shall be, is coming.

How will you make your way in this world? And what will it hold in store for you?
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Introductory Story
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