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 Combat Rules

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Ryuzaki Nagare

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PostSubject: Combat Rules   Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:18 am

1) No auto-hitting: Everyone has a chance to avoid the attack UNLESS it's like an ultimate move.

2) No avoiding EVERY attack: You don't have the ability to dodge every attack thrown at you, that's totally un-fair.

3) Please be logical, idiodicy is not appreciated.

4) You have no right to automatically kill any character. In order to kill the character, you must first have the consent of the player whose character is being killed and notified at least one of the admins.

5) Do not create superheros. Anyone can, and if anyone can AND does so ... then where's the fun in all of this?

6) If there is any incident of God-Moding that concerns you being on the receiving end, please PM any staff members and ask them to judge the situation and determine whether or not if it really is an infringement of the rules. Remember, PM not Chatbox.

7) Your character is not god, thus he/she/it cannot perform 100 actions/jutsu/attacks/etc. in one post.

8) When being engaged in battle by more than one enemy, the posting order usually should be based on entry into the topic. Thus the author gets the liberty of being first in battle, and the next person to have entered the topic is second, the next is third, and so and so forth.

9) When in a team battle, the posting order follows rule 8 for the following example. If you are fighting against 2 enemies, (and you are the author of this topic), the order should look something like this:
You, Enemy 1, Enemy 2; You, Enemy 1, Enemy 2; Repeat, and repeat until the fight ends.

In the case where you and allies are against enemies, then the posting order alternates between sides.
This is an example of you and an ally fighting against 2 enemies: You, Enemy 1, Ally, Enemy 2; Repeat.

10) Being realistic is appreciated along with being logical. If you are caught up in a fight against unknown hostiles, there is no way(unless they say so to you beforehand) that an enemy is going to let their opponents just run off. So when in battle, you cannot(if things turn unfavourable) just simply leave the topic as that would be unrealistic and unfair to the enemies. You can leave if you are under orders by a staff member to do so, or have the consent of the enemy(via PM, Cbox, or any other form of communication) to do so.
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Combat Rules
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