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Hundreds of years after the events of the anime/manga, have become legends and myth of old, it is time for anew story to be told, a new age.
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 Midori Nara

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Midori Nara


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PostSubject: Midori Nara   Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:30 am

Name: Midori Nara

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Midori is a well mannered, polite girl when it suits the situation. She only takes proriety seriously when she has to. Around her friends she is usually a very fun loving, she tends to tease the people she gets close to. She's the kind of person who's always looking to add to her list of friends.

Appearance: Midori is 5'4" and has black hair and brown eyes. She wears a dark brown, sleaveless turtleneck, a brown scarf, elbow-length dark brown gloves, baggy brown pants, and split toe boots.

Rank: Chuunin

Inherent Elemental Jutsu Type(s): Raiton

Villiage: Cloud

History: Born on October, 10th, Midori has never been too serious of a person. As a child she purposely tricked people on a regular basis, getting herself out of trouble by saying it was practice for school. She spent most of her schooldays making as many friends as possible, having a tendancy to keep a large number of aquaintences instead of a small group of friends.

Her father, a fellow member of the Nara clan, taught her a good deal of her jutsu throughout her Academy and Genin days. Most of her training centered around learning clan jutsu, and practicing the best ways to use it.

Rp Sample: Midori walked through the woods, though she made it appear as if she was taking a casual stroll she was keeping herself completely aware of her surroundings. She knew she was being followed, the person stalking after her was being careless and she could could hear the occasional twig snapping, and the animals in the trees scurrying away from an intruder.

She wasn't worried, really, she knew there general location and could easily trap them in her shadow if they attacked her. She was truely and completely prepared for whatever happens next, though keeping up her facade of carelessness was driving her crazy. If she didn't know that her current plan would work much better she would have already pitched a kunai at them. First she wanted answers though, there was no reason for anyone to be following her back from her last mission. It had only been to take a message to Leaf and bring back a response, not the kind of mission that would get her an enemy.

A kunai whizzed past her head, it looks like her enemy had bad aim to top it off, and she spun while making a handsign. Her shadow darted out at her enemy, difficult to notice among the shadows of overhanging branches. He glowered at her, "Your money or your life!" with a kunai in his hand, before freezing up.

"Oh, that's all this was about? A missing nin with a bad attitude." she'd say as she made another handsign, "That explains why I could hear you coming from a mile away." Then the end of her shadow took the shape of a hand, and would slowly rise up his body finally coming to a stop at his throat and tightening it's grip.

Midori just stood back and watched as her shadow slowly choked the life out of the strugging man before dropping him, that took a lot of her energy and she still had a long walk so she retracted her shadow and headed calmly back on her way. Letting the gravel and fallen leaves crunch under her feet as she continued to act as if nothing happened. Once again putting up her harmless facade and keeping her attention focused on her surroundings.
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Midori Nara
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