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Hundreds of years after the events of the anime/manga, have become legends and myth of old, it is time for anew story to be told, a new age.
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 Lets get this party started

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Ryuzaki Nagare

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PostSubject: Lets get this party started   Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:05 am

Okay, construction is exept for a few minor details, like how we get started, any other things anyone would like to add/subtract, the reason there are fewer forums in the countries other then, Fire, and Water is that few thing shave been seen there besides, Wind which we aw a city some desert and some more desert.

So please post here for your suggestions this is only a temporary section right here. I wan tthis to be done by this time next week so please give me your support, that includes you Senri, not that I am being commanding I just really want your support as well.

Okay okay, now that that is all up, I made a new Bleach website which might be news to some. The link is, I don;t know if that worked but lets hope it did,I have not done shit yet so it is just bear, if you want the administration key please p me I am admin the default name, the reason for this is that I do not want the forum to be hacked like others. The passcode you will have to say is your main character you had on the orginal Bleach Online, your main one that I am most amiliar with becuase I know some of you had multiple ones.

Now here is my vision for the website, it will be very similar to the orginal Bleach Online where you could just come on make a character, maybe get a few pointers to revise your profile, and then you are done. Not this restricted this, restricated that, you have to rp a Vaizard even though they are the antithesis to Arrancar so should be considered equals. In order to boost the popularity of shinigami I will increase the customization of kido putting more emphasis on it as an arsenal of weapons that only shinigami can use just like Arrancar have thier 20 abilities. To make semi cannonical I will make a Nobility for one Vaizard so they can use kido as well to support Haichi's mastery in it, even though it is kind of farfetched I hope this system to work,I also want to put more emphasis on the Quincy, Superhuman, and Bounto abilities, I am not sure about Hollow but that is for later, okay that is the basics, the basics are I want this site to cleaner smoother and more fair, like the gold old days, so register on that site if you are interested. And you guys keep me in line.
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Lets get this party started
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