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Hundreds of years after the events of the anime/manga, have become legends and myth of old, it is time for anew story to be told, a new age.
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 Ninja Tools for the time being

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PostSubject: Ninja Tools for the time being   Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:29 am

Name: Chunnin Tactical Vest
Type: Protective
Apperance: The same green vest that all chunnins and higher ranks wear, shown to provide minimal defense against enemy weaponry and can hold ninjutsu scrolls.
Short History: Ummm standard issue armor? First one given 6 years ago, replaced 23 or more times due to destruction in combat.
Abilities with: None, unless you count certain Ninjutsu.

Name: Genhika Uebo (Roughly, 'Crushing Wave')
Type: Melee - Sword
Apperance: (Unavailable at this time, thus unknown)
Short History: Is a soon to be acquired weapon, and is still being made. Thus no history is known
Abilities with: Unknown at this moment.

Name: Hyoran - Soldier's Pill
Type: Curative/Edible
Apperance: Small black pills, anything else needed?
Short History: Standard issue, there are only a maximum of 10. Restock takes a full week after full consumption.
Abilities with: Sudden boost of energy and chakra lasting 3 posts(Reduced when using higher level ninjutsu).

Name: Blood Regenerative Pill(Japenese name is still being looked for)
Type: Supplement/Edible
Apperance: Yet another small pill with a thick red color to it though
Short History: In Tatsuyo's desperate search for one of the swords of the seven shinobi swordsmen, he came upon the Ninja Village of Otogakure, where Kabuto's medical secret achievments had just recently been found. The blood regeneration, which causes a stimulus in bone marrow was one that was being mass produced and sold to shinobi.
Abilities with: Thanks to the effect of the pill, which causes the production of more red blood cells(and blood plasma as a result), Tatsuyo's Kekkei Genkai abilities can be used more often

Name: Letter bombs/Explosive Notes/Trap Papers
Type: Explosive
Apperance: Small slips of paper with kanji(the word 'explode') written upon them. These are chakra infused slips of paper and explode! ^-^
Short History: Standard issue weapon, there are 20 total, restock takes a week after complete usage.
Abilities with: Can attach to Kunai knives to create a bomb Kunai. Can attach to Shuriken to create Bomb Shuriken(risky)

Name: Kunai knives
Type: Melee/Projectile/Explosive(with letter bombs attached)
Apperance: The black dagger weapon with a kite/diamond shaped blade, and a handle with a ring attached to the bottom, which all sorts of thing can be tied to.
Short History: Standard issue weapon, supposedly unlimited.
Abilities with: BOMB KUNAI!!!!!!!

Name: Shuriken
Type: Projectile
Apperance: The infamous NINJA STAR. A four bladed projectile in cross shape, with a hollow center in which finger can be put through ... or something can be tied to.
Short History: Standard issue weapon, supposedly unlimited.
Abilities with: Shadow Shuriken Jutsu, Bomb Shuriken

Name: Ninjito
Type: Melee - Short sword
Appearance: A short unremarkable silver blade of steel strapped to Tatsuyo's back. It's sheath is black
Short History: Once more, standard issue weapon (Usually to jonin and Konoha's ANBU). Is being used until Tatsuyo gets his unique sword.
Abilities with: He can cut with it?
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Ninja Tools for the time being
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