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Hundreds of years after the events of the anime/manga, have become legends and myth of old, it is time for anew story to be told, a new age.
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 Leo Aburame

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Leo Aburame


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PostSubject: Leo Aburame   Sun Jul 05, 2009 3:35 am

Name: Leo Aburame

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Leo is very laded back and doesn't really care at what life throws at him. His head is always clear, and his mind is always set on goals. He doesn't think much, yet he does have common since. He does like to pull jokes and loves his friends.

Appearance: Avatar, Leo has a strong built(Those are his casual clothes in the avatar). His legs are very strong and his arms are very built with muscles. He is skinny and has around a weight of 185 pounds,Leon is 6'1". He has Blue eyes and has a very soft face. He has attracted many women with the charm of his face.

Clothes: He has on black combat boots that have chains that rap around the shoe. They can be taken off when Leon wants to move faster. He has a pair of red tight pants with chains hanging from the front pockets that got to the back pockets. His outer shirt is a white collared shirt that is left unbuttoned. Leon has a black shirt under the collared. He then has a small with beater shirt under the black shirt.

Rank: Chunnin

Villiage: Sand

Leo is part of the Aburame clan. His clan orignally started in the leaf village, yet after on of his family members was kicked out, around a hundred years ago, he decided to go to the sand village. He met a girl who was very pretty and had just that kind of good vibe to her. She was a Chunnin in the sand army and she decided to marry Leo's great great grandfather. His name was Shino. He was a man of honor and a man that followed his duty. He died passing on around 4 children.


Leo was born on April 15. He grew up in the sand village surrounded by his friends and family. His father watched him everyday when he was a baby. Leo loved to walk up and down the room with his favorite stuffed animal in his right hand. He held on to it tight and kept it close to him at all times. When he turned 3 his mother took away his animal from him. Leo was devastated and cried for hours. From that point on he never trusted his mother again.

When he was 10 he was asked to go to the ninja school and start training at the academe. He refused to go and train under the village, for the time being. His parents told Leo to run by the local market and pick up some food. He came back hands full with bread and food to last a person for around a few months. He found a note on the counter of his house saying that his parents had left him and that he would live here on his own. He cried and cried. His heart was crushed by his parents and now he new what he must do.

At the age of 13 he decided to join the academy. He worked for hours trying to be the best ninja in his class, he failed. He was 4th in his class and he wasn't happy about it. Leo wanted to win just once in his life, and he just ruined another chance in his life. He trained for months just waiting to get better. His legs ached from the weight of the chains when he practiced. And his waist hurt from the chains on the side.

He then finished his year of training. He was fast, strong, and smart from those practices that he did. Leo then started as a Gunnin. He was the second best in his crew, he followed the person who scored top in his class at the academy. Leo then was promoted to Chunnin. He now works with the sand village as one of their most favorite Chunnin to send on higher missions.
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Aburame   Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:33 am

Approvederz just to make it official XD.

Oh and you incorrectly spelled 'Gennin' wrong once as 'Gunnin' ... I was not aware that there was a ninja class/rank that could make use of firearms ...(JK)
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Leo Aburame
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