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 Jutsu Rules

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Ryuzaki Nagare

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PostSubject: Jutsu Rules   Sun Jul 05, 2009 3:04 am

Number of Starting Jutsu.

Academy Student: 1 jutsu

Genin: 3 jutsu

Chunin: 7 jutsu

Special Jonin: 12 jutsu

Jonin: 20 jutsu

Kage or equivalent rank: 30 jutsu. what those guys are sick.

However this is the starting rate of creating more jutsu

Academy Student: Every 45 posts

Genin: Every 50 posts

Chunin: Every 60 posts

Special Jonin: every 75 posts:

Jonin: Every 100 posts

Kage or equivalent rank: Every 140 posts

This never changes even if you go up in rank even if you go down so be careful which rank you start off with, and I know what yiu are asking, why the hell is the difference so big, I say the higher in rank you get the more time you have to devote to missions to squads and ruling the place so you have less time to make jutsu howevr since this forum time will not really go by much leavng everyone around their current age, then your rate of making jutsu should not go up as you go up in rank, balance of power my friend.

Speaking of which though the kage won't have much time to make jutsu, they will make awesome ones look: Jutsu Range ,The higher the rank is in the range in comparison to the others the more strain on the ninja.

Academy Students Range : D rank only (why would anyone want to be an academy student I don't know.)

Genin: D, C, some B, and one A for last resort. (The A will probably cause great strain on the ninja using it.

Chunin:D, C, B, more A (A's still cause strain but as much as B's do for Genin and one S, which knock out the user no matter what.)

Special Jonin: D,C,B,A and some S's' in only one category, S's do as much strain as an A does for a Genin.)

Jonin:D,C,B,A,S (however S's are still uncomfortable to use like a B to a Genin.)

Kage or equivalent: D,C,B,A,S Now jutsu B and below are as easy as lifting a finger, A are as D to Genin you have to actually focus, and S rank jutsu are the only ones othat actually require the upmost concentration.

Yes that took forever but tis done.
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Jutsu Rules
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